Tips and recommendations for exercise during summer

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recommendations for exercise

In the summer months our bodies have to cope with high temperatures. It’s the time of year when playing sports or doing any form of exercise can pose a much greater challenge. Today, Dr Gomez Doblas, Head of the Heart Centre at Vithas Xanit International Hospital answers some of our most common queries regarding exercising during summer, and provides a few tips to allow us to play sport without risking our health at this time of year.

What time is it best to exercise?

In summer we should avoid the hottest time of day. The ideal time is first thing in the morning or in the late evening. The ideal time, and probably the freshest time of day, is between 7:30 and 9 am.

What type of clothing is recommended for summer exercise?

It is important to wear lightweight, light coloured, clothing to reflect the heat. Cotton clothes can also help with evaporation of perspiration. It is possible to buy clothes at specialist shops which are specifically designed to avoid the heat. Also if playing sport in the sun it is very important to apply sunscreen.

How are dehydration and heat stroke avoided?

This is straight forward, drink plenty of fluids before, during and after exercise. Drinking water at regular intervals, even when not thirsty, is recommended.  It is important not only to replace water but also to replace the electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium, which we lose through perspiration. Drinks containing electrolytes, which have been specially designed for drinking whilst active, are ideal. If it is very sunny it is important to cover your head with a cap or similar. When exercising the best advice is to look for areas which are in the shade. If there are high levels of pollution, as can happen in some large cities, sporting activities should be avoided.

What type of exercise is advisable during summer?

Aerobic exercise is always best, especially when it is very hot. It is essential to avoid high risk activities such as mountaineering at this time, the heat can cause dizziness which may lead to a fall and severe injury.

Nutrition, another thing to bear in mind…

A balanced diet including a high intake of fruit and vegetable is essential. Eating only a small amount prior to exercise is recommended whilst maintaining fluid intake with drinks such as natural fruit juices. Eating foods which contain electrolytes such as potassium and sodium is also advisable, fruits, such as bananas, can provide us with these.

There is no reason not to exercise during summer, but it should always be in moderation, early in the day and with the necessary equipment. Remember to always take a bottle of water!