This year is the year! Advice on healthy 2020

Posted by Xanit Internacional Xanit Internacional | Posted in Xanit salud | Posted on 03-02-2020


New Year, same old resolutions. If you are one of those who want to start the new year by taking care of yourself, we would like you to take note of some pieces of advice so that, this year, you can make it happen.


A real motivation

The fact that we are starting a new year should not be a reason for us to eat more or less healthily, just like we should not start our diet only on Mondays. If you were already warned by a doctor of your mild hypertension, overweight, or any other indication whereby prevention is the key rather than cure, you should be even more aware of the health benefits of watching your diet. Health is not sold in the pharmacy and your body is the only one you will have in this lifetime, so taking care of yourself has to be your number 1 priority.


Plan and conquer

A good plan is crucial. Every good project starts with planning, and your health deserves a few minutes spent writing down your aims and plan of action. A list of goals and benefits will help you on your way to a healthier lifestyle. And do it before January the 1st, with particular dates on the mind and write it down in a document that is easy to consult later, whether you diary which you always have on you, in your mobile phone or stick it on your fridge door.


Marking a realistic goal

Take advantage of the SMART method, to set real and consistent goals. ‘S’ is for simple, ‘M’ for measurable, ‘A’ of achievable, ‘R’ of realistic and ‘T’ of time. For example, stop eating fried foods, sweets and pastries, walk 20 minutes a day and weigh yourself every 15 days, taking note of your progress.


Healthy diet

Food is key to our healthy lifestyle. Start the day with regular healthy breakfast, eat more vegetables, fruits and legumes, and try to drink alcohol as little as possible. Better to drink water than soft drinks and use sweeteners instead of sugar. And should you require, Vithas Xanit’s Endocrinology and Nutrition Department will help you plan this goal better.


A health check-up to rule out ailments

It sounds serious, although, at a certain age, it is always better to prevent it rather than having to cure it. We are talking about specific cases such as in women aged 45 and over (breast cancer incidences) or in men aged 50 and over (prostate problems), which by all means are not trivial. A health check-up will help you to concentrate, professionally and expertly, on those goals fundamental to achieving your healthy lifestyle for this prosperous 2020. As always, at Vithas Xanit we are here for you, whatever needs you might have.