The advantages of excercise for ederly people

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Día Mayores

We are becoming more conscious of the importance of caring for our bodies with the passing of the years. There is no doubt that the natural ageing process of our tissues is inevitable and that this is affected by our organs. However it has been demonstrated that we can interfere with the ageing process depending on the type of lifestyle habits that we adopt. The key is to be dedicated and to maintain these habits in order to enable each system within our bodies to function as well as possible. This can result in us living a full and healthy life for many years.

Our Physiotherapy Coordinator, Elena Molina, explains to us about the advantages of physical excercise for the elderly:

  • It helps to prevent cardiopathies, as excercise strengthens the walls of the heart, and in turn the heart is able to pump more blood, more easily throughout the whole circulatory system.
  • By respecting the cardiac output and the respiratory rythem our blood pressure to kept within adequate levels.
  • Excercise maintains and increases the respiratory capacity: The respiratory capacity is a vital source of energy. Living without sufficient air is exhausting and frustrating.
  • Excercise enables us to relax and gives us a sense of wellbeing: Thanks to the endorfines released, chemical substances are secreted by our bodies when we partake in physical excercise. Furthermore, these substances block the pain sensation at a central level, which results in our brains feeling less pain which in turn reduces our levels of stress and anxiety.
  • It improves the intestinal transit, and prevents constipation as the abdominal muscles are excercised.
  • It maintains the bones, and prevents and combats osteoporosis as the muscular tension improves the calcium in the bone. In the case of fragiles areas which have been fractured, these can become stronger by regular walking, but also require special attention.
  • Excercise improves out self image. It enables us to control our weight, as well as our posture: Aerobic excercise and a healthy diet maintains body weight and strengthens the muscles. Furthermore, we also need flexibility and articular stability which can be achieved by techniques to correct posture. By complying with these lifestyle habits we can improve our happiness levels and our self esteem.
  • It is also important to understand that everybody is able to participate in some form of physical excercise depending upon their physical capacities. They can be helped to stimulate their physical and personal development by healthcare professionals. At Vithas Xanit Fisium we offer different methods in order to acheive this, such as aquatic therapy, therapeutic excercise,  pysiopilates, and cardiac rehabilitation.  We now also offer oriental techniques such as chi kung, which helps patients to maintain good health.

Dr. Elena Molina

Coordinator of Vithas Xanit Fisium