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I Love Respectful Childbirth

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Being pregnant is a particularly special experience for every woman who becomes a mother.  Nonetheless, though the role of the mother-to-be is obvious during pregnancy, unfortunately too often the importance of her role in the birth of the baby is not appreciated to the same degree.  Each couple anticipates the arrival of their child eagerly, but the birth can provoke uncertainty and/or anxiety as well.  The process of having a baby requires so much preparation and entails such important changes that here at Xanit International Hospital, we believe that it should be treated with particular care and respect.

The skilled, professional team of caregivers at Xanit International Hospital aims to create a childbirth experience where the woman is the main protagonist.  We want to allow each woman to take an active role in her birth experience—for it to be a personal and irreplaceable occurrence.  We provide education for mothers, and, in addition, personalized advice is available from our staff, so that everyone can decide for themselves how to best organize their childbirth preparation. We firmly believe that each birth is a unique, unrepeatable experience, and as a result our caregivers are happy to hear out all your proposals and desires, while ensuring the health of both mother and child.  We love respectful childbirth!

Every time a woman gives birth, it is an unparalleled event for both her and her partner, as well as for everyone else involved. It is a moment when the couple should feel free to express any expectations, desires, or fears they may have. At Xanit International Hospital, you can be sure that our gynecologists, midwives, and pediatricians will all respect the decisions you make and that, consequently, they will offer you a variety of options in order to adapt themselves to each couple and situation.

At Xanit International Hospital, we want to actively participate in the revival of respect for childbirth in all its dimensions. As recommended by the World Health Organization, we promote skin-to-skin contact, uninterrupted mother-infant interaction upon birth (rather than separation of mother and baby), and breastfeeding as early as possible.

However, we want to take our efforts further. We would like to share our respect for your decisions. As a result, we ask all mothers who are active on the web to help us spread our message. If you, too, believe that childbirth should be respectful, you can download our “I love respectful childbirth” badge, which is placed at the right side of our blog. Help this message reach other mothers so that everyone can understand that you, as a mother, as a woman, are the one who decides what your birth experience will be!  Join us in our efforts to advocate respectful childbirth!

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Dra. Esperanza Martín,

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