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Every year, our hospital is filled with the first-day nerves and the excited anticipation of the many students who come here to learn first-handwhat it’s like to interact with patients and to how to deal with real medical situations: experiences that will, of course, always be supervised by our medical personnel.  These future physicians, educational psychologists, educators, physical therapists, and occupational therapists (to name just a few of the specializations that we oversee) may come from different universities, but they all have two things in common.  They share the desire and the resolve to become the best professionals in their respective fields, and they are determined to carry out their internships at a leading international hospital: our hospital! 😉

Our hospital has reached partnership agreements with multiple Spanish universities—for example, the Universities of Malaga and of Navarra—as well as with other university-level and international institutions.  This allows their students to have the memorable experience of working with and learning from some of the top professionals in their fields.

At our hospital, we have a staff of over 650 trained professionals that includes 250 highly skilled physicians who are renowned both nationally and internationally for their expertise.  This allows us to deliver excellence in health care and to offer the most up-to-date diagnoses and therapies available.  Furthermore, Xanit International Hospital is the only private hospital on the western Costa del Sol that has both a 24-hour emergency gynecological department and a specialized birthing unit.

What exactly do these students experience when they come to our hospital?  Following extensive book and classroom study of clinical cases, it can be difficult to adapt to real situations.  Though it is an adjustment that requires effort and patience, it is also the best way for students to learn.  Frequently, they will discover that something works in theory but not in practice, and having daily contact with our working professionals will permit students to interiorize new knowledge and ideas, as well as to understand the significance of the work in their chosen field.  They learn the theory at their universities, and we provide the context for them to apply this information in the real world—the world in which they will be working once they have finished their education to become specialists.

As such, at our hospital we are committed to providing each student with the best practical experience available within his or her specialty.  In addition, we promote an international work environment, since we believe that, within modern-day health care, this is highly advantageous for the students’ professional careers.  Each student is assigned a professional supervisor, who will direct and advise the student’s work throughout the entire time that he or she is here.

At the end of an internship, there are always many unforgettable stories to be told.  At Xanit International Hospital, we are aware of the importance of this opportunity for the students, and we think that guided, hands-on experience is the best way for them to improve their skills.  Students are encouraged to take advantage of the advanced technology and innovative infrastructure available at the hospital to enhance their education here. Above all, the most important thing is what they take away from their experience—after all, they are the future!

Rocío Júarez y Ruiz de Mier, Neuropsychologist and Child Psychologist

Xanit International Hospital