Intimate hygiene tips for summer sports

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Intimate hygiene tips sports

Women are becoming more and more concerned about their health and personal care, now that summer has arrived, increased enjoyment of sports has added to the equation. Sport improves mood, increases respiratory capacity and brings numerous health benefits… It therefore plays an important role not only in preserving well-being and preventing disease and injury, but also in improving self-image.

Thus summer is a key time for exercising body and mind, with the number of people participating in sporting activities increased; but exercise needs to be performed differently to during winter in order to prevent problems such as heat stroke and infection.

With this in mind, one factor which concerns women most when playing sports is intimate hygiene. Dr Esperanza Martín, Head of the Gynaecology Department at Vithas Xanit International Hospital, provides some straight forward tips for personal, intimate hygiene during and after sporting activities.

Importance of intimate feminine hygiene when practising sports

Maintenance of appropriate, intimate hygiene helps to prevent gynaecological conditions, including infections. The following is helpful advice:

  • Change tampons every two to three hours.
  • Use soap which is appropriate for intimate hygiene, soap which preserves the acidic pH of the vulval and perineal area and which cleans efficiently but hydrates, helping to prevent infections.
  • Do not use vaginal douches as they alter the protective balance of the vagina and can push germs towards the uterus.
  • Dry with a towel which is for personal use only and keep it clean.
  • Do not use panty liners daily. Only use them when really necessary as they increase humidity in the vulval area which can lead to infections.
  • Do not stay in a damp swimsuit after sporting activities in the pool; wash it at the end of the activity as dampness can lead to urinary infections.
  • Do not use intimate deodorant.
  • Use unperfumed hygienic wipes with no additives which may irritate.
  • Wash hands before and after going to the bathroom.
  • Attend medical check-ups and gynaecological check-ups regularly.

Follow these simple recommendations when practising sports and intimate hygiene will not be a problem this summer. Now there is no excuse for not exercising the body…. or the mind.