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A day in the Accident & Emergency Unit at Vithas Xanit International

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Today we shall be going inside Vithas Xanit International Hospital to see how it functions and to learn more from the doctors and staff about the day to day running of the Emergency Unit

We shall go inside the most interesting parts of Vithas Xanit that we know little about. SHALL WE BEGIN?

In any one day there are approximately 23 professionals in the A&E Unit. 23 people who attend to the running of the Unit and give the maximum care to each patient.

Each day we can find 5 doctors, 7 nurses, 1 auxiliary, 2 porters, and 2 X-ray technicians. This department counts upon the support of 5 staff in the reception, 2 cleaners, and a welfare person to care for International patients.

Over the course of the year on average the A&E Unit attends to 230 people per day, 100 of which are pedeatric cases, and 130 are adults. This amounts to an approximate total of 83.950 people per year.

What kind of emergencies do we see in Xanit?

The type of emergency depends on the time of year. At the moment, and around Christmas time, we see a lot of respiratory cases; catarrh, colds and flu.

Furthermore, we also see cases related to traumatology, along with many pedeatric cases.

The average profile of patients visiting the A&E Unit is adults between the age of 40 and 50, and the majority are women and children.

Working 24 hours a day

The Emergency staff at Vithas Xanit International care for patients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

We have spent an entire day in the hospital and have seen that the busiest hours of the day in the Accident & Emergency Unit are between the hours of10:30 -13:00, and 17:30 -21:00. Although during the summer months this can be later.

Football versus Accident & Emergency

And now for the celebrity news….

Have you ever wondered if a footballer under the influence has come to the A&E Unit? Well the answer is YES.


Mannequin Challenge: thank you for helping us complete our charity challenge

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Mercedes Mengíbar, Director, Vithas Xanit International Hospital

At Vithas Xanit, as well as providing excellent healthcare, we also understand a hospital’s true meaning, recognising the importance of social, economic and environmental contributions.  With this in mind, our hospital actively participates in a business network and collaborates with more than 30 NGOs.

Every year at Christmas time we support a humanitarian initiative, this year it resulted in the Mannequin Challenge in support of UNICEF. This involved participation by more than 50 professionals from Vithas Xanit.

The initial idea was to donate 1000 Euros to UNICEF if we achieved 2000 views on our YouTube channel.

We thought we would manage to achieve this and were confident of your support, but it was a big surprise to succeed and pass the challenge in just 48 hours, which made us think, what if we increase the number of views to 15,000 and donate 7,500 Euros? No sooner said than done! We threw ourselves into the task… and surpassed it yet again…!!!

At Xanit Vithas International Hospital we are deeply grateful for all your expressions of support.

Thank you to all the professionals who participated in this experience for your commitment and enthusiasm.

Thank you to everyone who has simply played the video. It is incredible that such a small, everyday gesture can raise awareness and make the world a slightly better place.

And thank you to UNICEF for giving us the opportunity to contribute to the great work they do for children in emergencies.

In case you still haven’t seen it, here is the video that made this charity challenge possible:


Thank you, thank you, thank you.