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Always pamper and care for yourself!

Posted by Xanit Internacional Xanit Internacional | Posted in Pediatrics | Posted on 28-03-2016



On the 8th of March we commemorate equality and  women for their participation in society. If this is marked on the calendar, then who are we to not dedícate a day to ourselves? However, our advice is that you should spend a few minutes every day pampering and caring for yourself, as every day is special.

We shouldn’t forget that our  health is very important, and have a medical check-up at least once a year. This is the best way of preventing all diseases. Adult women should also have gynecological revisions with a specialist in order to undergo various tests. By having these periodic checks we can rule out illnesses such as the Human Papiloma Virus or cervical cancer.

If you find yourself pregnant, it is vital to remember that you are also important. Pregnant women need to have check-ups, and to follow the advice of their doctor as he is safeguarding both mother and baby. But, above all, it is important to enjoy every second of these nine months.

Life can also be fantastic after the age of 50. This can be a caotic time for women  due to bodily alterations caused by the menopause, and due to the fact that we are conscious of time flying by. From this stage onwards it is vital that you don’t forget your annual mammogram, and that you partake in daily exercise (yes, now more than ever). With the passing of the years, it is important to care for our bones.

In order to feel good on the inside we need to feel good on the outside. Nowadays caring for our physical appearance is also very important. If we are happy with ourselves, our personal, social, and work relationships improve, along with our self-esteem. Our skin is a reflection of ourselves, and therefore is worth caring for. Our Cosmetic Dermatology Unit offers the latest treatments for cutaneous care, correcting blemishes, wrinkles, varicose veins and other dermatological afflictions.

It isn’t necessary just to have a specific day marked on a calendar to reitarate equality for women, or to remind us that we should look after ourselves. We should pamper and care for ourselves each day 🙂