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The advantages of leading a healthy lifestyle

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A few weeks ago we offered health advice for 2016. Today we are discussing why it is important to lead a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays it is common to hear people talking about this subject, as health is becoming ever more important in Spanish society. People not only practise sport to tone their bodies, or eat healthily to lose weight, but also to look after themselves.

In spite of us constantly becoming more conscious of this, the World Health Organisation has stated that healthy lifestyle choices are overlooked in todays society. Cardiovascular conditions are related to those habits which have a negative effect on our health, and are the main cause of death worldwide. Whether this situation changes or not is up to us, as good health depends largely on the food that we eat and the type of lifestyle that we lead.

Vithas Xanit International Hospital would like to educate us as to the main benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle:

  • Prevent cardiovascular diseases: By partaking in sport, we exercise our hearts, and keep strong and healthy.
  • Have a positive outlook: Sport keeps us healthy and helps us in our old age.
  • Aid our digestive system: Consume healthy food which is based upon a mediterranean diet as advised by experts.  Improve our state of mind: Sport, a good diet, and living without stress improves our mood and makes us happier.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle helps us to stay in shape, not only physically, but also psychologically. By adopting these small habits we can reap the benefits.

5 healthy pieces of advise for the New Year

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We begin the New Year with many good intentions, and for sure one of these is to look after ourselves better. In order to help with your physical wellbeing, Vithas Xanit International Hospital are offering you 5 simple tips aimed at maintaining good health.

  • Medical Check-up: It is recommended that adults have an annual medical check-up – In the case od children this depends on their age, babies require more frequent checks. The objective of medical checks is to control parametres such as cholesterol, blood pressure, sugar levels in the blood, and in general to prevent any type of health problem. In the case of healthy patients, an annual medical check is recommended. However in those patients who have, or have had, any type of disease, then their doctor will carry out the revision. It is particularly important that adult women have annual checks which include a breast exploration and a gynecological check-up
  • A balanced diet: After the overindulgence of the Christmas period, it is important to resume healthy eating habits, and to incorporate these into our daily routine. We should avoid eating on the run. Therefore it is recommended that we design weekely meal plans which help us to consciously think about our diet. The Endocrinology and Nutrition Unit at Vithas Xanit can help with this. Our diet should comprise of a variety of foods – divided into 5 daily meals. We require more than 40 nutrients in order to have optimum nutrition, and no one food contains all of these. It is also important to consume the necessary carbohydrates, which should account for half of the total number of daily calories consumed, as well as 5 portions of  fruit and vegetables each day.
  • Moderate exercise: As well as helping to eliminate the excess amount of calories consumed, moderate physical exercise maintains our state of wellbeing, and our mood. It helps to eliminate stress and tension. Moderate physical exercise is beneficial to our health on many levels. It helps to improve: our circulatory system, heart and metabolism, and assists in preventing diseases.
  • Time to relax: Stress is one of the health problems in the western world. By taking a few minutes to relax each day we can eliviate the daily tensión whcih has built up. Taking up a hobby, practising a sport, or simply disconnecting are good habits to practise wherever possible.
  • Sleep correctly: Sleep is fundamental for our daily recovery. It is recommended that we have between 7 – 9 hours sleep per night. If we don’t sleep sufficiently this can result in an inbalance in our bodies which affects our health and state of mind. This can lead to an increase in appetite, and can also lower our defenses against diseases.

By following these simple habits we can maintain good health, and avoid set-backs in out physical wellbeing. At Vithas Xanit we will be happy to encourage you.